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"Deeplant considers the health of customers and the environment"

Deep Plant Co., Ltd., which cares about health and the environment, shortens the ripening time and maximizes the ripening effect without using any chemical products through a domestically patented deep aging maturation method, and does not rely on the taste of fat, but rather the unique flavor and taste of protein. We supply healthy meat to consumers.

​"20% of meat is thrown away without being consumed."

Marbling is a fat component sandwiched between proteins, which gives it a soft texture, but it is high in calories and contains saturated fat, which poses health problems.

Due to the high price of meat with high marbling, farms are feeding high-fat grains and raising animals in factory farms, which is a major problem for the natural environment and animal welfare.

Since meat with low marbling is ignored by consumers and is not consumed, the price of meat with high marbling, which is highly sought after by consumers, is also facing the problem of rising prices.

프리 레인지 소

“Maturation to soften proteins and enhance flavor”

Until now, cuts with less marbling have been ignored by consumers due to their tough texture, but recently health-conscious consumers have become more interested in meat that is low in fat and high in protein. Additionally, for the sake of the natural environment, developed countries are switching from factory farming to natural pasture farming. However, meat from naturally pastured animals is relatively low in fat and has a high protein content, so it is bound to be tough, necessitating technologies to make the meat softer.

​Research on softening parts with high protein content has been conducted by many culinary researchers and scholars for a long time, and the conclusion has been reached that the meat becomes soft and tastes better through the process of aging. Reached. However, there were economic disadvantages, such as the ripening conditions being different depending on the part or characteristics of the meat and the period taking up to 45 or 60 days. Additionally, the reality is that it is being used as a marketing tool without proper knowledge or technology about ripening.

“Is it possible to eat tough meat parts that are low in fat and high in protein, soft and delicious?”

This is the question that Deep Plant Co., Ltd. asked first.

After going through numerous trials and errors since our founding, we finally developed the world's first patented technology to accelerate and maximize ripening, and we are continuously making efforts to research and develop so that consumers can consume healthy and delicious meat.

“Deep Plant’s meat does not use chemical additives.”

Deep aging technology accelerates maturation and maximizes effectiveness through physical action.

“Deep Plant’s meat puts consumers’ health first.”

Because it does not rely on fat, you can enjoy the luxurious taste and flavor of protein while lowering the calories.

“Deep Plant’s meat strives to protect the natural environment.”

By promoting the consumption of healthy, high-protein meat, consumers consume cheap, high-quality meat, and farmers also consume all of the meat, increasing profits. By coexisting with each other, livestock can be raised more healthily and an environment in the meat industry can be created where both humans and animals are happy and healthy. This is Deep Plant’s hope.

“Technology to recycle by-products from slaughterhouses”

중앙대_연구계획서 (혈액)2.jpg

Technology to ensure that the meat produced is fully consumed rather than thrown away is important, but slaughter by-products are another main culprit in harming the natural environment, and technology to turn slaughter waste into resources has also recently been attracting attention. Outdated slaughterhouses increase the risk of product contamination, and the products produced also threaten the health of consumers.

Deeplant is conducting research for the technology to utilize blood generated in slaughterhouses and turn it into a resource.

“Development of fetal bovine serum substitute”

​Fetal bovine serum (FBS), which is used as an additive in media used for cell culture, is entirely imported from overseas despite its high price. There are also ethical issues associated with collecting blood from bovine fetuses. Deeplant is conducting joint research under a technology transfer agreement with researchers at Chung-Ang University to collect fresh blood from slaughterhouses and develop serum that can replace FBS.

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