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Patented Technology

육류 품질 개선을 위한 기술

Data-Based Deep-Aging System

Deep-Aging System is the solution to consume meat with better taste, tenderness and juiciness, and eco-friendly and healthy.
Deep-Aging System treats meat in a chamber physically by water temperature, pressure, and ultrasonic methods. First, it accelerates aging, so it reaches to higher flavor and tenderness level earlier. Second, lower graded meat can be consumed with better taste and tenderness by deep-aging. And also, unfavored parts of meat can be processed with better taste. Lastly, we can consume healthy meat produced by ESG-friendly breeding.
By the research lab in Gyeongsang University, it has been proven that Deep-Aged meat is better in flavor, juiciness, tenderness, umami, and palatability, Not only treating meat by Deep-Aging System, we also have been collecting and analyzing meat data for prediction of flavor and tenderness for parts of meat. When we take an image of meat, the deep-learning AI algorithm analyzes the image to predict deep-aging conditions and its flavor and tenderness. With this data-driven technology, consumers can choose meat with their preferred flavors and tenderness. Even lower-graded meat can be processed for value-added products. 

Deep Plant Co., Ltd.'s deep aging technology, recognized as a patented technology, accelerates the aging process of meat and maximizes the aging effect, making meat tender and juicy and flavorful even in a short period of time. It's a new technology.

Instead of using any chemical additives to tenderize meat, the deep aging system accelerates the natural maturation of the meat itself by applying a physical environment.

​Through this effect, the result is twice as fast and 2-3 times more effective than the general ripening process. Through this technology, consumers can enjoy soft and flavorful food with only protein without relying on fat. You can experience the taste.


AI prediction technology

​Deep Plant Co., Ltd.'s AI prediction technology is also a new technology that has never been tried before. It breaks away from the traditional method of judging the quality of meat based on grades alone, and artificial intelligence uses deep learning to determine the quality of meat. By predicting the taste and condition of meat, we aim to lead a consumer-centered meat industry where consumers can directly choose the softness, taste, and flavor of meat they want.

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